The Pender Vario provides heat through radiation. A ring system of tubes radiates heat to the floor. The floor is heated in large surfaces, and distributes the heat evenly. This gives a space that feels mild and very comfortable.

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This method of heating does not cause any air flows: complaints from your employees about draught and the consequent health problems belong to the past!

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The length of the ring system and the cross-section of the tubes are adapted to the heating requirement. The Pender Vario amply satisfies the requirements that are placed on modern, energy-saving heating installations.

The radiation tubes provide a very high degree of radiation. The tubes are insulated from the side (5 cm thick) and from above (16 cm thick) with glass wool, and have a special layered structure and a large radiation surface.

The heating system can be installed in almost any existing space.

The combination of Pender Vario radiation heating/MACBuster® dedusting installation forms a perfect climate control system!


12-50 kW

Type Z:  9-30 metres
Type E:  18-48 metres


48-140 kW

Type Z:  24-72 metres
Type E:  42-120 metres


70-250 kW

Type Z:  30-150 metres
Type E:  60-248 metres

All types fitted with outward flow and return sensor, temperature limiter and CO2 measurement direct at the flame.

  • Economical and efficient radiation heating system.
  • For sales, production, storage and sport halls from 4 to 35 metres high.
  • Because of the radiation principle, comfortable heat is generated where it is required.
  • No air flows as with blower systems, no draught.
  • High combustion efficiency, up to 96%; usually gives 30-50% energy savings.
  • High radiation efficiency, with subsequent low energy costs, low electrical operating costs.
  • Runs on both gas and oil.
  • Direct flue gas removal, no emission of combustion gases in the hall (prohibited in Germany!).
  • As a result of the flexible set-up possibilities, can be installed in new and existing halls.
  • Colour of radiation tubes: standard red, also available in dark blue and black.
  • Colour of insulation baffles: in any desired RAL colour or in stainless steel.
  • Thermostats fitted standard with a day, night and week program.
  • Clear and simple operation of the remote control.
  • The sensed radiation heat is shown in a display.
  • The existing analogue or digital control engineering of the building can be fitted in.
  • In combination with MACBuster® space ventilation system, very suitable for halls with a large volume, where local exhaust (of welding vapour, cutting or grinding dust, for example) is impossible or undesired.
  • As a result of the very high combustion efficiency, few roof ducts are required for the removal of the flue gases.
  • Assembly and commissioning are also possible during the building-up and assembly period.
  • CE-certified, patent applied for.