Integrated Safety Management means focusing on prevention such as preventing sickness and accidents on the part of civilians and staff, minimizing the chances of fire in buildings and theft of goods and preventing environmental harm to the ground, the air and water.

U.C. Technologies is a specialist in the field of Integrated Safety Management. Specialized know-how, a team of engineers and years of experience guarantee that optimal safety for people in and around your premises or buildings.

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Integrated Safety Management is currently the focus of a great deal of interest.
The phrase is a collective term for everything that businesses and government bodies do to protect the safety and health of people and the environment. Regulations for working conditions, environmental and fire safety, safety measures and evacuation plans are examples of this. Much of the legislation and regulations focuses on protecting the safety of civilians.

Announcements in the press about such matters as explosions, polluted air, theft in and around buildings and attacks on constructions show us that it is difficult to guarantee people’s safety.

When new buildings are constructed or existing buildings renovated, specialists in the fields of security, working conditions, the environment, fire safety, civil engineering, equipment building and installation technology concentrate primarily on safety regulations in their own respective fields of expertise.
Conflicting government regulations sometimes cause seemingly insurmountable problems, despite the fact that all these areas should together provide a comprehensive solution for the safety of people in the building.

The engineers of U.C. Technologies are familiar with these difficult issues and guarantee a solution that goes beyond the strict minimum.