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As air quality engineers, U.C. Technologies designs, builds turnkey and services systems that monitor and create the air quality needed. Our systems are used for access control, air pollution and odour reduction, a safe working/living environment, product/food safety, warning systems for fire/explosion risk. Being brand independent we realize optimal combinations of components from colleagues and U.C. Technologies’ products. Renowned names among our clientele are for instance: Philips, DSM, BASF, SCA, Oerlikon, Sulzer, VDL, Perfetti, KLM, Schiphol, Royal Dutch Army/Navy/Airforce, Wärtsila, Snecma, Air France, Douwe Egberts, as well as numerous SME’s.

Our patents and collaboration in European research projects confirm our continuous effort to remain among the best achievers in our sector. We are open to any form of partnership aimed at creating better air quality solutions. Our engineers create solutions that are ahead of their time. They take account of not only the developments within your organization, but also those on the market, as well as changes in laws and regulations and the expected developments in the immediate vicinity of the building.

We convert our combined understanding of mechanical, electrical and control engineering into lasting comprehensive solutions for you. This guarantees an enjoyable and safe working environment for your staff and the highest possible returns on your assets. Our approach is to automatically place ourselves in your business’s position. As a result, the expertise of U.C. Technologies provides a great deal of added value to the design of your buildings and products with lasting results.

Our Vision

Clean fresh air is an economical asset for our country. How we experience quality of life is increasingly co-determined by the quality of the air we breathe. Air quality determines the achievable quality of products and services we deliver.

Our Mission

UC Technologies takes pride in finding the best solutions your money can buy to monitor the air quality and create the optimal environment for your city, work sphere and production process.